Perfecting My Art

I create a post. I feel really strong about the message and the quality of the content. Later, I check the stats. No likes, little traffic, minimal interest. I thought my stuff was good. So why didn’t anybody care to read it?

It is hard not to take it personal. When I first started I was afraid my best writing would go unread. I was afraid that by the time I developed an audience my ideas would run out. But that isn’t the case. The more I create, the greater potential I have to create more. The more I write, the better I become at writing. My craft gets refined. I learn to use words better. I learn to make a more impactful point with less words. I learn. I grow. I share. The stats don’t matter. I will keep doing what I am passionate about. The words will be there whether or not they are read. Who knows? Maybe there will come a day, when somebody finds it. Maybe it will make them smile. Maybe it will cause them to think. That’s the reason why I started writing.


Maybe nobody is buying what you are selling or listening to your song. Maybe not yet. If you keep perfecting your art, adapting and becoming stronger, you will find your success. If what you have is adding value to the lives of others, they will come.

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