Is This Hell?

I had a dream of Hell. It wasn’t what I imagined. Go figure, the dream started with me in a bar having a drink. God picked me up and we went for a drive. We were looking for someone, and unfortunately we never found him. The Devil was in the car behind us. He kept wanting me to leave God’s side and join him. Even in my dreams I knew better than that. The Devil seemed a nice enough person, but I sensed there was danger lurking beneath the façade.

This vision of hell was not one of pain and suffering. There was no fire, no gnashing of teeth. It wasn’t Dante’s Inferno. No, it was pretty similar to the world as we see it today. People were going about their everyday business, but something was missing. They didn’t have hope. There was no joy. They were completely void of any emotions, like machines operating on auto-pilot. The more I try to think back on what I saw in my dream, the more fearsome this hell became.

Imagine your hell of working in a job that you are not passionate about. Every day you get up and go through the motions. No joy. No happiness. Nothing. The day ends and you go home to prepare to do it all over the next day. What do you have to look forward to? The weekend? Retirement? Is this a life?

Unfortunately, there are those who already live in this type of hell. They feel like they have no choice, that this drudgery is their lot in life. But does it have to be this way? We can choose a different life. We can make changes. The changes might be gradual at first, but there is nothing wrong with that. It is still a change, and small changes add up. This would be progress. Progress toward escaping our self-created hell on earth and finding instead a small piece of heaven.

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