Your Life’s Work

Do you love what you do? What if your life’s work is far from being complete? Do you still love it? Do you love the process even in the midst of the struggles and the lows?

What if the money is really good, but you hate it? Is it still worth it? Maybe. But how long will you last in a profession you hate that pays really well? Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling to follow your passion than to follow the money?

In the Bhagavad Gita, we hear, “You are only entitled to the action, never to its fruits.” Your life’s work may never offer enough compensation. You may not even see any in your life time. But a person truly following the work they love will not be hindered by the lack of fruit.

I honestly did not love what I did. I always thought of my job as a stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities. But recently, I have come to love it. The work is time-consuming, physically demanding, and often very frustrating. It is also a key part in the formation of who I am becoming. It is where I do most of my thinking. My work, my ten hours a day spent building cars, has somehow become my muse. And now this job, which I thought was keeping me from doing that which I love, is bringing me closer to my life’s work. Because of that, I can say I love what I do.

“A life’s work should be based on love.” –Ray Bradbury


  1. Patti says:

    and now, because you love or have decided to or come to realize you do in fact love your work, the cars you build will be filled with a better more positive energy (love) for the person/family who leases or purchases them. For those of us who are sensitive to such things, it is easy to feel the joyful / sad / mad / distracted or chaotic energy in things. The positive step you’ve taken for yourself by allowing yourself to be in and enjoy ‘the now’ vs the ‘what may come’ will also become a positive for the recipient. Even if they themselves do not realize it, your positive energy will surround and comfort them. In a way, the vehicles you are helping to create are becoming ‘enchanted’ with the imprint of your positive spirit. Happy for you!


    1. Tony Fine says:

      Wow. What a great perspective! Thank you for this bit if insight.


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