Time Flies

On my assembly line, it takes 93 seconds to complete a series of tasks per car. The job is designed that you have 100% utilization during the 93 seconds. What does this mean? For the average worker, all time is accounted for. There is no room for errors. Small acts, such as dropping a screw, has the potential to get you behind. Efficiency is key and true success is finding ways to become even more efficient.

Tempus Fugit. When translated from Latin to English, it means, “Time flies.”

Our lives seem long. But in reality, they are really short. When I was younger, I often had nothing to do. I was bored. I didn’t have a concept that every second counts. I didn’t know that the more I did back then would have a profound effect on who I would be today. I wasted time in my youth. Time that is gone forever.

As the sand from the hourglass of my life continues to dwindle, I am constantly reminded to make each grain count. As I watch that hourglass, I become more aware of just how precious life is. I become more grateful for each moment. No longer am I willing to waste time, because I see so little of it left. I look for ways to be 100% utilized in my own life, ways to be more efficient.

We would be prudent to watch over our hourglasses. The time is always flying regardless of our attention to it. We are wasting away, marching ever closer to the end. What a waste it would be if we wasted our time along the way.


  1. Palma Davis says:

    Tony, I couldn’t agree more with what you say here. At 68 I am on the downhill slide and believe me, the speed picks up! Our lives are our gifts from God. We were created “to know, honor and serve God on earth and to be happy with him in Heaven.” I love your focus and hope it is making room for all the really important things in life. Faith, family n friends is not just a catchy phrase- it’s what truly matters. I so admire your commitment to becoming the “ best version of yourself”. (Matthew Kelly quote)
    I also want you to see the joy in sometimes just living life as it comes. 😍

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    1. Tony Fine says:

      Thanks Palma, and I couldn’t agree with you more. As for seeing joy in just living, it is something I am working on. It it tough to get my head out of the clouds sometimes.


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