Purpose of Knowledge

Unless your niche is in trivia, what is the purpose of all that random knowledge? When one of the smartest people to have ever lived says that imagination is more important than knowledge, I had to stop and consider these words. Why is imagination more important than knowledge? I have spent my whole life trying to acquire knowledge, and this statement had me confused.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized the wisdom of Einstein’s words.

Aristotle said, “The purpose of knowledge is action, not knowledge.” We should be acquiring knowledge for a specific purpose.  We can hope for a better future, but without knowledge, how can we possibly get there? Knowledge is the tool that makes our dreams come to life.

Your imagination is the stepping stone to a better life. Imagine what it would be like to be healthier, wealthier, or happier. Where do you want to go in life? Once you have it fixed in your mind, you can begin the process of gaining the knowledge to get you there.

Wisdom begins in wonder. -Socrates

Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere. –Albert Einstein

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