Choose Kindness

Whoever pursues…

You don’t have to do the following. The choice is yours. But if you choose to walk this path, the reward will be waiting for you.

Justice and Kindness…

Interesting that these two are paired together. Some view justice as the cold servant of the law, while kindness is associated with warm-heartedness toward others. But if you google the definition for justice, the first entry you will see is “just behavior or treatment.” Continue reading and you will see the word “righteous.” Using this definition, there is nothing cold about justice. Justice is simple. It is doing the right thing.

Now when paired with kindness, it makes sense. This verse is about how we treat others. We should treat everybody right. We should treat everybody with kindness. Everybody. Not just friends and family and those you respect and esteem, but even your enemies, the ones you find annoying, and the complete strangers you run into should be treated with justice and kindness. It may not always be easy. But with empathy, compassion, and a true desire for the happiness of others, it is possible to achieve.

Will find Life and Honor.

Think about the just and the kind people you know. Most people go out of their way to do right by them. They are always received with a smile. Why are they so well-liked? You know what you will get with them. You know they will never do anything devious or malicious. Not only are they honorable, but they are honored amongst their peers. That’s the life we should all strive for. That is the life we can all have if we pursue justice and kindness.

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