Break It Down, Build It Up

Through exercise we break down the body. Our hope is that the micro tears in the muscles will heal. Once they heal, they become stronger. For those interested in fitness, this is a continual process. Break down the muscles, allow them to recover, become stronger. Repeat. We do this intentionally to our bodies. We welcome the physical trials knowing the benefits are worth it.

Are we as quick to welcome the mental and emotional trials of life? Do we intentionally seek opportunities to strengthen our souls? A bodybuilder with weak legs can either ignore it or do the hard work necessary to strengthen them. To do the hard work takes heart. We have to have the courage to put ourselves into situations that will help us overcome our weaknesses. How can we get better at anything if we do not expose ourselves to the thing we desire?

Water takes the path of least resistance for one reason. It is easier. Often, we choose to take the same path. But if we go through life always avoiding the obstacles, we will soon find that external elements are dictating the direction we should go. Would it not be better to pick our destinations and then proceed down the path of our own choosing?

Overcoming the obstacles in our lives makes us stronger. Like gold in the fire, the process refines us into a better version of ourselves. It takes courage to choose to go through the obstacle rather than avoid it. It is not the easier way. But going through it, rather than around it, will ensure that you stay on your path toward your goals.

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