Quest for Truth

The truth matters. It will set you free.

What doesn’t matter? All that garbage that is not the truth. It will not set you free, but bind you in its deception. Its yoke of false hope will weigh you down until you can no longer stand up straight.

If a philosopher’s goal is to study the truth, then we should all aspire to be philosophers. We should strive to:

Seek the truth.

Protect the truth.

Defend the truth.

We must examine our preconceived notions and question the validity of the popular messages of our time. Our quest for the truth should be far reaching. It should not be limited to only our communities or culture. If you have to climb the mountains, cross the deserts, or read the ancient texts of different civilizations, then we should do this.

We should do this so that we may be free. It really does matter.

Dispose yourself to embrace the truth, wherever it is found. –John Locke


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