Stop the Complaining

Don’t like your situation? Does it give you pain, either mental or physical?

You have two choices before you:

  1. If you can change it, then do it. Make the change and remove the pain from your life. Be done with it and experience a new found freedom.
  2. Endure it. Whether there is no change available to you or the pain isn’t worth the effort to fix it, endure it.

Those are really the only two options available to you. But if you are stuck with number 2, and you have to endure it, don’t complain about it. Your friends and family may sympathize with you for a time. But after that, you will eventually alienate them if you continue to persist in your complaining.

Courage. It takes courage to endure. Your loved ones see your suffering. They know what you are going through and are hopefully there for you. If you are enduring, then be strong and be courageous. Endure, but don’t push away those who are willing to endure it with you.

If it’s endurable, then endure it. Stop complaining. –Marcus Aurelius

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