Grow in Confidence Through Experience

As a gymnast, Alec, is confident and daring. He doesn’t give a second thought to trying new tricks, because he knows based on previous experience, that he can eventually master them. At the age of six, he is the youngest and smallest Level 2 gymnast in his developmental class.

As a wrestler, Alec, is completely different. His years practicing gymnastics has given him an edge in strength and coordination, but he is lacking confidence. Even as he begins his second season in wrestling, he is still an only child getting used to an aggressive sport that puts a whole different type of stress on his body.

I want him to be more aggressive as a wrestler. I want him to know that not everything has to hurt. But as much as I want him to progress quickly as a wrestler, I also have to realize that it takes time. And for Alec, it takes experience. The more he practices and the more experience he gains, the greater his confidence will grow.

It is easy for us to have confidence that we will exceed in whatever endeavors we pursue. Why start them if we don’t think we can complete them? The greater your confidence in your own abilities, the greater the chances that you will succeed. But where does this faith in your abilities come from? It comes from experience. It comes from practice. Through work we can lay the foundation that will give our faith the chance to flourish. As the apostle James said, “Faith without works is dead.”  (James 2:26)

Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself. –Robert Collier


  1. Palma Davis says:

    Good thoughts Tony. Keep writing- I enjoy reading! Luv watching Alec grow into the young man you will help him to become!


    1. Tony Fine says:

      Thanks. That’s the way I’m viewing my role as a father these days: a helper along his journey to manhood.


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