Are You Aiming?

I heard a conversation last week between two workers that I found rather disturbing. What was the topic? Video Games. For over an hour, I listened these two discuss the latest game they were playing. For roughly 2-3 hours every night, these two fathers sit down and play this game. 2-3 hours every night! After they get off work! The conversation only lasted about an hour before turning to other topics such as their financial stress due to rumors of a loss in employee benefits.

10 years ago, this conversation would not have been so disturbing. Back then, I would most likely have joined them in the conversation. Back then, I was one of them. I spent hours playing games. On top of that, I had a ton of financial worry weighing me down. It wasn’t the only thing weighing me down. I was also about 60 pounds overweight. When I think about who I was ten years ago, I can’t help but be filled with regret. I was drifting along with no purpose. I was wasting one of the most precious resources we are given as human beings. I was wasting TIME. Time, that once gone, can never be replenished.

Back then, I had no aim. Of course I had hopes and dreams, but I did not do anything to make them become real. Instead, I turned on the game console and allowed complacency to rule my life. I continued to play as I ate garbage and put on the pounds. My financial well-being never improved, but deteriorated through neglect. Even with a good job, I was not building for the future.

What is different between who I am now and who I was then? I started aiming higher. I started hoping for a more fulfilling life. But before I could aim higher, I had to realize I had a problem. I had to become dissatisfied with the direction, or lack of direction, my life was going. And once I became thoroughly disgusted with what I was doing, I started dreaming of ways I could make a change.

But as Goethe states, aiming higher is not enough. You need to have the ability and the perseverance to change. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process, one that may take place during the course of a lifetime. You need to develop the ability to hit what you’re aiming at, and you need the perseverance to keep swinging until you get there.

Published by

Tony Fine

Avid reader and working on becoming more than an occasional writer. Former mortarman attached to the 3rd Squadron 7th U.S. Cavalry (ARMY). Chasing wisdom through body, mind, and soul.

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