Stop Dreaming for Others; Live My Own Dream

I can coach Alec in wrestling and show him all the things he could do better. I can tell him to go hard, go fast, and to have a killer attitude. The technique and the skill will come in time, so what is the problem? He hasn’t yet made the mental and emotional connection. He can force himself to do all the exercises, even when he is tired. It is a testament to his mental toughness that separates him from many of the other boys. But when it is time to wrestle, he is a different person. He is unsure and slow. He lacks confidence. I hope there will come a time when he will get tired of being rolled around and beat. But as much as I am hoping for this change to come soon, it will not come until he is ready.

I can suggest to others that their health should be a priority. Chances are they know it already. But until they decide that it is important to them, nothing will improve. I can hope for the health of others. I can help them if they ask for it. But no matter how much I want it for them, I cannot force good health upon them. They will have to choose it for themselves. Hopefully, they will choose it, before it is too late.

A potential business idea was brought up. It was sitting on the backburner of someone’s mind for over a year, before it resurfaced into the forefront. As with all prospects, it is much easier to see the positives rather than the negatives. I think it is a good idea and has the potential to be profitable. I would like to strike while the iron of enthusiasm is still hot. But it wouldn’t be my business. I would just be there to help and maybe offer a few suggestions. If it was my idea and business, I would make it a priority. Can I make it a priority for the others involved? As much as I would like to, I can’t. They would have to decide for themselves what their commitment and investment would be.

To spot the possibilities in the lives of others seems easy. I wish them the best and am quick to point out where they could improve. I mean well, but there is a problem. Who wants someone else always giving them suggestions about how much better their lives could be if they just changed one or two things? I know I don’t always receive such messages well. Instead I go into defense mode and question the legitimacy of the ones offering unsolicited advice. As I am always trying to improve, this is a bad policy to have. Those giving me advice are well-meaning and are offering up suggestions that they believe will help me. In this regard, we are no different.

As I consider where I can help others, I need to take a good look at my own situation. There are objectives, that if completed, I believe will have a positive impact on my future. I know what the objectives are, but I have not completed them yet. Why not? What is holding me back? It is time to take Thoreau’s words to heart:

 Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined.

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