Hope 4/13/2019

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. -Benjamin Franklin

You want the end results? Your only hope is in your own personal development.

What will you do today to grow, to improve? So many want; so few willing to do what is necessary. Your hopes can become a reality, but they won’t magically appear. You will have to do the work.

Ben Franklin at a young age would do whatever he could to improve himself. He would choose books over a nice meal. He would put himself in the company of other men, who had a similar desire to grow and improve. He is a good example for our children to follow. He is a good example for us to follow.


The Virtue of Hope

There is a belief by some that tomorrow will be better, that our future will be a little brighter. This hope is what spurns them to keep going even when the day is at its darkest. Without hope, we are lost.

Published by

Tony Fine

Avid reader and working on becoming more than an occasional writer. Former mortarman attached to the 3rd Squadron 7th U.S. Cavalry (ARMY). Chasing wisdom through body, mind, and soul.

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