Courage 4/18/2019

If fear is the mind killer, then you must protect your mind by confronting your fear.

Fear paralyzes. The sympathetic nervous system signals you to fight or to take flight, but fear paralyzes the mind and freezes the body. We have to calm the mind, analyze the situation, and face our fear.

What is it that you fear? Is it rational or irrational to be afraid of it? Is it something that you can overcome? The fear of speaking in public can be conquered. You prepare. You practice. You start small and work your way up as your confidence grows. Is this not the way to overcome a number of fears that causes us to be anxious?

Mark Twain said, “I am an old man and I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” Often what we fear resides only in our minds. We play out a scenario of what could go wrong and how it will be perceived by those around us. We allow fear to paralyze us based on a concoction of our over-active imaginations. We must learn to get past this and face what is to come. We must face our fears.

Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing. -Theodore Roosevelt



The Virtue of Justice

What does it mean to live a just life? If right thoughts and right actions equal righteousness, can we be righteous? Our hope is that others treat us with justice. This of course is no guarantee, but it does not change our responsibilities. It is our responsibility to be honest in our deeds and in our words, and that we treat others with justice.

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