More Work, Less Talk

Temperance 4/23/2019

In all labor there is profit, but mere talk tends only to loss. -Proverbs 14:23

We can talk about all the things we are going to do but what counts is the action.

Work hard. Work smart. How can you go wrong if this is what you are committed to doing? If you are working for yourself, how can you be more efficient, more productive? If you are working for someone else, how can you add more value? It is easy to talk about how things should be better. It is easy to complain when something doesn’t go our way. But the ones committed to taking action, they are the ones that get ahead. They are the ones that profit.


The Virtue of Temperance

Control. Discipline. Restraint. Call it what you will. But if you don’t have it, then life will be much harder. Rather than automating your life for success, your habits will be weak and detrimental. Temper your desires for excess. There is joy in moderation.

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