Initiator of Change

Let him that would move the world first move himself. -Socrates

Temperance 4/30/2019

It all begins with you. Change yourself and you can change the environment around you.

There are three things I am committed to working on every day. How can I improve my body, my soul, and my mind? This is part of the virtuous life I am striving toward. If I work on myself to be a more complete human, I will be able to add more value to my family, the community, and the world. To change yourself is to become the living example of what could be. Others will see it. They will take note. If it is possible with you, then it could be possible with them.


The Virtue of Temperance

Control. Discipline. Restraint. Call it what you will. But if you don’t have it, then life will be much harder. Rather than automating your life for success, your habits will be weak and detrimental. Temper your desires for excess. There is joy in moderation.

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