Meditate on the Good

Justice 5/1/2019

The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large. -Confucius

There is so much truth in these words from Confucius. When my mind is right, so is everything else.

It is easy with the news. You see that horrific clip and can’t get the image out of your mind. It is followed up with more horrors: tragedy, scandals, and corruption. It shapes your outlook while dampening your spirits. Meditate upon these thoughts and your mind will darken your viewpoint of the world.

Seneca said, “Virtue alone raises us above hopes, fears, and chances.” If you meditate on these thoughts, you will see the world brighten around you. You can hone your wisdom, become more disciplined, and have greater courage. You can live a righteous life filled with faith, hope, and charity. You could be the example for others to follow thereby improving the world around you. It begins with the thoughts in your mind.

The Virtue of Justice

What does it mean to live a just life? If right thoughts and right actions equal righteousness, can we be righteous? Our hope is that others treat us with justice. This of course is no guarantee, but it does not change our responsibilities. It is our responsibility to be honest in our deeds and in our words, and that we treat others with justice.


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