Courage 5/2/2019: Overwhelmed? Fight Anyway.

When you think of the Spartans, you think of warriors. You think of courage. You think of the 300 at Thermopylae trying to check the Persian invasion of Greece. The opposing force was overwhelming, but it did not matter to the Spartans. They were going to fight anyway.

When you see the enemy coming, you fight. If you cherish your freedom, you really have no other choice. But most of us will never see the enemy. Most of us will never have to fight. Does it mean there is no enemy out there?

The enemy doesn’t want you to know it is out there. The enemy doesn’t want you to see him coming. If you are not aware a battle is taking place, then the enemy’s chance of success is greatly increased.

Every one of us is fighting a battle whether we know it or not. The battle is internal. We have to make a choice to fight. In order to fight, we must identify the enemy and then take the appropriate steps to stop the invasion.

Imagine cancer being the enemy. It is in the background doing its covert work. The body may be fighting it, but the mind is not aware of its presence. By the time you realize it is the enemy, you are already in the war and on the defensive. It doesn’t matter the size of the enemy. The only thing that matters is that you locate it and try your best to fight it. Remove it. Radiate it. Treat it. If you want to live, then you do everything in your power to fight. Like the Spartans, you may not win. You may only check the advance of the enemy for a short while. But like the Spartans, you will be remembered as the one who fought. Only if you fight.

The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy but where are they. -Plutarch


The Virtue of Courage

Do you have the heart to forge ahead? Can you keep going even though your body and your mind wants you to stop? There are those who bend underneath the pressure, and then there are those who have the fortitude to continue standing. The heart of courage, a chief virtue of the soul.

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