Don’t Fall Behind

The only cap to your ability to learn is the one you put on yourself.

When we were kids we were always told, “We could be whatever we wanted to be; the sky was the limit.” For some reason as we got older, we forgot that childhood maxim and set a limit on what we could be. We told ourselves it was too hard, or too far, or it just wasn’t worth pursuing.

As we got older, we saw others becoming whatever they wanted to be. For them, the sky was truly the limit. We didn’t look at the hard work, the time, or the persistence. Rather, we chose to believe they had all the luck. We watched them get ahead of us. We fell behind.

The race is not over. It is not a race against others. It is a race to completion. How do we move ahead in this race? We stay hungry. We increase our knowledge and continue to learn. The more we run, the better we get. The more efficient we become.

What will you learn today to move ahead of where you were yesterday?

If you’re not curious, if you’re not always learning, you’re falling behind. -Mark Cuban


The Virtue of Prudence

There is an unlimited wealth in having wisdom that goes beyond money, possessions, and social status. We can all grow in wisdom if we choose to pursue it. King Solomon regarded as one of the wisest to have lived said: Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gets understanding, for the gain of it is better than gain from silver, and its profit better than gold. –Proverbs 3:13-14

Can you hear the call of wisdom? It is there, we only have to listen.

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