Quality Produces Speed

Concept 2 Life #1: Quality Produces Speed

As I am getting to know more about my new Concept 2 Rowing Machine, I am learning more about myself. Can I become a world-class rower? Not a chance. But can I become good? Really good? I think so. There is only one way to find out. I have to do it. I have to go through the experience and find out just how much I have mentally and physically.

First 5k: Slow with a high stroke rate

Last month, I rowed my first 5k. I thought my performance was pretty good and even posted it to my new Facebook group (Concept 2 Logbook). When the comments started rolling in, I was shocked. Members of the group asked about my stroke rate. Why was it so high? I didn’t have a clue about stroke rate and thus began one of my first lessons. For more, watch the Dark Horse Rowing video below:

With a lower stroke rate, I am able to maintain my form and really concentrate on a solid powerful stroke. The better my stroke, the faster I can cut through the imaginary water. But when I don’t pay attention to my stroke rate, it has a tendency to go higher. This may seem like I am doing more work, but the reality is that I am going slower. The faster my rate, the sloppier my form and the less power I have through the stroke.

I really noticed this when I copied a workout I saw on Instagram from Troy Atkins (@erglife on IG). The workout was a 2k warmup, a 5k workout, followed by a 2k cooldown. Midway through the 5k, I started to fatigue. I was drenched in sweat and struggling. As I continued to tire, my stroke rate began to rise and my pace began to slow. Simply put, I was not putting enough effort into each stroke.

I wonder…have I gone through life like this? I mean, not my whole life, but has there been times I have been busy, super busy, without getting much done? Has the quality of my work diminished in an effort to get more done? You know, I think there has been times. And where exactly did that get me? Not very far. Why? Because quality of work will always triumph and in the long run will cause you to go much farther and faster in life. Quality. Each time. Every time.

You can take the shortcut, but will it get you where you want to go? You can’t half-ass it and expect to get the same results as you would doing the full routine. You will only cheat yourself and fall short of your potential.

Quality produces speed. And if you have to go slower to produce quality, you will get where you want to go faster.

2k/5k/2k: Faster splits with a lower stroke rate

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