Choosing For Growth

10/30/2019 Justice

“Make good choices.” It is the advice I most often give my son. He can either choose to do the right thing, or he can make the other choice. The magnitude of his decisions at his age aren’t very consequential. At the worst, he can get into trouble or get hurt. When it comes to decision making, this is the best time in his life when he can learn this life skill.

We are faced with decisions every day. If we didn’t learn to make the hard choices when we were younger, we will have a hard time making them when we get older. Yet, we still have to make them if we want to grow in life. Sometimes we have to do the things we don’t like, because it is the right thing to do. It is elementary, but many struggle with it well into their adult years. Consider this from a nutritional standpoint. Since they did not have to pay the consequences when they were younger, they believe it won’t hurt them as they get older. Yet how many are now paying for their dietary mistakes that they never corrected when they had the chance?

Our daily decisions have the ability to lead us into greater personal growth. So, what will you choose?

The strongest principle of human growth lies in human choice. -Herbert Hoover

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