It Starts With Numero Uno

Temperance: 11/5/2019

In Lee Iacocca’s autobiography, Henry Ford III is described as a despot in control of Ford Motor Company. It was his kingdom, and he did as he pleased.

It reminds me of a previous supervisor. She ruled her kingdom with an iron scepter, yet she was completely disengaged from the actual business. She held her people to a high standard, yet she was exempt from holding herself to one. When major initiatives were being launched, she was conveniently on extended vacations far away from the action. She was a poor leader, who garnered no respect from her subordinates, peers, or senior managers.

I’m also reminded of my own experiences as a leader. I never received poor ratings, but I know my performance could have been much better. I didn’t have the discipline or the desire to know the business as well as I could. I only got by, which was far from optimal.

Remembering my own shortcomings is a good way for me to not lose my focus today. I need discipline in my life to succeed. As Jocko Willink says, “Discipline equals freedom.” When I once thought I was free, I was in fact a slave to my own fruitless whims and desires. I couldn’t trust myself to make the right decisions and I doubt anybody else could trust me as well.

Your kingdom may be a Fortune 500 company or the family unit in your home. Regardless of the size of the kingdom you would rule, you have to maintain your personal discipline. You cannot become lax and check out anytime a major deadline comes up. You have to continue to train in order to be ready at all times. It starts with numero uno. That is you, and it is me.

Would you have a great empire? Rule over yourself. –Publius Syrus

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