Becoming and Being

What a week! It has been a little chaotic both at home and at work. Home renovations continue. Our “study” now has a ceiling and a floor. Any week now and we will even have a kitchen. It seems like I am working longer and harder hours on my days off of work. Request from other departments and equipment failures have increased my load on the job. Less down time results in less thinking time and even less eating time (that might not be a bad thing).

In addition, I had a Monday evening meeting that ran late. And on Tuesday, I became the new Parkour instructor at my boy’s gymnastics facility. I am down about an hour of sleep at night. My reading has taken a hit. And then there is my writing. My post on Monday never happened. It wasn’t ready. I continued to work on it when I should have just let it lie. It was one of those pieces that would have been better to let percolate for a while. Instead of moving on, I kept coming back to it. Now I have gone almost an entire week without one post.

This week in summary was filled with planned diversions and unexpected distractions. Today is Friday and there is something amazing about it. Not that I can kick back and relax, but that I survived. I am still here, and I am moving forward. The week didn’t go how I planned. I didn’t finish everything I hoped to. It is okay. I am okay. My feet are still travelling the path. There may be obstacles in the way. They can slow me down, but I won’t let them stop me. Instead, I will let them help me become better. I will let them mold me into the thing I want to become. This is my faith. I will be neither deterred nor disheartened.

Life is not a having and a getting, but a becoming and a being. –Matthew Arnold


  1. Palma Davis says:

    Makes me think of the “Life is what happens when we’re busy making plans” quote. It’s always good to map out our days n weeks and even our lives. this gives us direction and a sense of purpose. But often times getting off the highways of life n following an unknown side road (by choice or circumstance) will add adventure, depth, joy and excitement to our journey.


    1. Tony Fine says:

      Love this perspective. Thank you.


  2. grampz70 says:

    Situation normal …. getting after it!


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