Three Simple Things for Fulfillment

What does it mean to do the useful thing? This is the thing that needs to be done. It is the thing that will in some way, shape, or form add value to your life or the lives of those around you. It is not always pleasant, but it is useful. And in truth, that will bring pleasure in the future.

How do you say the courageous thing? You need to listen to your conscience, and that means you might have to go this one alone. It might mean rubbing others the wrong way. You might become a pariah. But if it is in your conscience, you can’t ignore it. Have some tact and get it off your chest. Be bold and considerate, and maybe those who have ears to hear will be able to hear you.

Why contemplate the beautiful thing? This is creation, whether natural or man-made. The beautiful thing is something we should all take the time to consider. It is gift to all mankind. Why waste your time with the vulgar, the cheap, and the ugly aspects of life when there is so much beauty to behold. This will lift your spirit and give joy to your day.

Three simple things, but it might just be enough for one person’s life. How can we go wrong if we give this a try?

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