Okay Google, Stop Timer

I will not grieve over his body, for he is no longer there.

Though tears may fall, I will not mourn for his passing.

His life was well-lived, therefore I will celebrate the life that was.

His memory I will honor by sharing his stories and teaching his children’s children what he taught me.

They will know he was a man, a brother, a son, a father, and a husband. He was a teacher, a patriot, a Marine!

He wasn’t perfect, but he was good. A lesson we all should strive to learn: To be good.

Though I will miss him, I am filled with gratitude that he took me in as a son, and that I could call him Father.

May the old Colonel prepare the way for those yet to come. May he be at rest, no longer suffering, free from a body that no longer obeyed his commands.

Click here to see the beginning: Hey Google, Set Timer to 14 Months


  1. We fought the fight together in treatment. He was a giant of kindness. I will never forget him for the words to me of encouragement during our battle of the unexpected journey we took. I was proud to have met him and sweet Bonnie. A giant that walked among us.


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