“It’s Monday”

One Take from the Week #6: It’s Monday

I know. Today is Saturday. But for a moment, let us talk about Monday.

I passed by a coworker last week. I asked him how it was going. He looked at me, grimaced, and shrugged his shoulders. “It’s Monday,” he said. Yep, I thought. It was Monday.


That is how many Mondays you will see in your life if you live seventy years. Granted, most of these you will not remember. Even the ones that came in the current year have already been forgotten. Monday. It is a day like no other. It is the beginning of the week. But for some reason, it is the one most dreaded.

It is viewed as a curse, but shouldn’t it be a blessing. You get to start a new week. For many, there are no more Mondays in their life.

A misfortune or an opportunity. This is all paradigm. You can view your Monday as something you are forced to endure or as a chance to get the week rolling in a positive way.

If you are dreading Monday, you should ask yourself why. Why is your Monday bad? Identify the reasons and see if there is a way to change them. You are going to see this day thousands of times. Is that a thousand times of dread because that would truly be depressing. Instead, make it thousands of blessings, thousands of opportunities. Life is too short to allow over 14% of it to be a “dreaded” Monday.

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