Choosing Hope

There are a few philosophers that would speak of the futility of hope. They say to trust in it is a dangerous thing, and one would do well to stay away from it. I disagree.

Logic will tell me that the sun will rise tomorrow. The earth will continue its path and spin until the darkness becomes light. This may be true beyond the shadow of a doubt. But when I go to sleep at night, it is with hope that I may see another day.

Logic will tell me that I will reap what I sow. But in the Bhagavad Gita, I am instructed that my entitlements are only to the work and not to the fruit. I will do the work and sow the seeds, but it is with the hopes of a harvest that I go into the fields in the first place.

Despite the belief of others that hope is a waste of time, I will continue to hope. It is an integral part of my life. Maybe it is foolish to hope that things will get better. But I can’t help it, my nature is one of optimism. I will do my best, and I will hope for the best. And if it doesn’t work out, oh well, at least I tried.

Feature photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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