The Rules of Fools

We have entered a stage in world history where we are governed by the most ridiculous rules. Most of these rules are implemented for our own “good” by the government. But that is not all, we are also governed on the standards of what is socially acceptable.

In the old days, this determination was established by your community. Today, it is determined by corporations, i.e., tech companies. What you say and do, if it is not deemed appropriate or in accordance with the ideals of the mob, will result in your silence. Your voice could be cancelled. At the worst, depending on how inappropriate you are considered, much more could be cancelled. And it is not just what you did today or yesterday, it could go as far back as your childhood.

Any fool can make a rule -and every fool will mind it.

Henry David Thoreau

New rules come out every day. Will you blindly go along with the masses and acquiesce? Or will you use the discernment and understanding God has given you to question the validity of the rule?

Feature photo by Mindspace Studio on Unsplash


  1. grampz70 says:

    We may not agree or approve of the games that are being played. One way or another we need to play to the best of our ability, as it is unskilled to draw fire unnecessarily untill we understand as much of the larger picture as possible. In the mean time prepare the best we can, gather like minds, and stand ready.

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    1. Tony Fine says:

      So true and love this. It reminds me of the Chinese Proverb of: in order to play a game, you need to know the rules, the stakes, and when to quit.


  2. Travis King says:

    Another outstanding post. 👊🏽

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