Valuing Criticism

Criticism makes you better…if you are willing to take it. Of course, everybody wants constructive criticism. And in a perfect world, that is all we would ever get. However, we do not live in such a world. We get what we get, even if it is not sugar-coated.

How many times have we been told something wasn’t good enough? There was no reason why it wasn’t good enough. There were no explanations given. It was up to us to figure out what the problem was and how to solve it. As frustrating as it may have seemed, the feedback was good enough for us to go back and work through it and eventually find the solution.

What we must remember is that feedback is a gift [link]. Good or bad, it is still feedback. If it is something within your control, then to fix it makes you better. And if it is something you can’t control or change, then oh well. Take it with a grain of salt and dismiss it. [See: What Is Ugly?]

He only profits from praise who values criticism.

Heinrich Heine

We all want the praise. We want the “job well done.” The best way to get it is by doing the work. It is by being better. We don’t start out this way. Sometimes we must take our lumps and in time learn how not to get hit. “This is the very perfection of man,” said St. Augustine, “to find out his own imperfection.” Sometimes we are blind to our own faults, and criticism, whether constructive or not, is a tool we can use to our advantage.

Feature photo by christopher lemercier on Unsplash

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