Letters to TS #2: Hope Tied to Health

Hope 12/14/2019 Letters to TS #2: Hope Tied to Health In our last conversation, you stated that you wanted to look like you did ten years ago. “Hot” was the word I think you used for yourself back then. But after a decade of heavy drinking, the alcohol has left its mark on you. You’veContinue reading “Letters to TS #2: Hope Tied to Health”

Letters to TS #1: Fear Not

Courage 10/31/2019 Letters to TS #1 Right now you are scared. You’re scared about embarking on a journey that will change your life forever. That is, if you complete it. This is a hero’s story. The hero goes on a quest and along the way is reborn into a new being. The quest is daunting.Continue reading “Letters to TS #1: Fear Not”

Finding Your (Sober) Purpose

Justice 10/2/2019 When you look at that bottle, what are you hoping it will do for you? Will it numb the pain or help you forget? Will it make you happy or relieve your tension? We have many reasons for wanting to uncork the bottle. If you can enjoy responsibly, then you don’t have muchContinue reading “Finding Your (Sober) Purpose”