A Clean Slate

Charity 11/17/2019

As the new member of my work team, I get the opportunity to listen to my teammates’ opinions of the other members of the team. If I listen to each of them and formulate my own opinions based on what they say, I am going to find myself with more negative views than good. In time I would come to the conclusion that none of my teammates are worth anything.

The politics within this small group reminds me of the politics we see in the news. If we watch it long enough and not put much thought into it, we will begin to form our opinions based on the opinions of those reporting it. And the problem with that is nobody really reports the good stuff. It is only the negative, because that is what gets the ratings. You could pick any channel, turn the volume down, and you will still hear the noise coming at you loud and clear. The individual being reported on could be doing some really good work, but nobody is going to notice. The dirty sells better than the clean.

 I always prefer to believe the best of everybody, it saves so much trouble. –Rudyard Kipling.

It isn’t easy to tune out all the noise. You don’t even have to tune all of it out. You can take some of it into consideration, but in the end you will have to make your own decisions. You will have to judge for yourself the quality of those you allow to influence your life.

I believe my teammates are here for a reason. I’m going to hope they are high performers that will add value to the rest of the team and the organization. If not, then I will take that into consideration as well. But I will form my own opinions. I will believe the best of them as I hope they will believe the best of me.

You are going to get a clean slate from me. The next move is yours.