The Shade of Knowledge

Every autumn, the four big oaks in my front yard dump thousands of acorns onto the ground. The deer and the squirrels love it. The dogs bark every time they hit the house like small mortar rounds.

The acorns are a nuisance, but that is okay. The amount of shade those massive oaks produce in the heat of summer is worth the hassle. The oaks are a blessing to those who take refuge among their branches, gain respite from their shade, and feed from their fruit.

It is amazing to think that those trees each started out as a tiny acorn. Such a small seed with so much potential energy! When the combination of earth, water, air, fire, and even spirit work their life-giving magic on the seed, the results are nothing short of miraculous. This is true alchemy.

If we do not plant knowledge when young it will give us no shade when we are old.

Lord Chesterfield

The tree is an allegory for wisdom. We plant the seeds of knowledge. We give them the nutrients necessary to grow. And if we do this, then we will reap the blessings in our elder years.

Feature photo by 30daysreplay Germany on Unsplash

Real World Knowledge

Justice 8/7/2019

This week I have been listening to Jocko Podcast #183 with Jack Carr. Jack Carr is a retired Navy Seal and author. As the son of a librarian, he acquired a love for books and learning at an early age. Mix that with his pedigree in the Navy, and you find yourself with an author who has a wealth of knowledge at his disposal.

The knowledge of the world is only to be acquired in the world, and not in a closet. -Lord Chesterfield

There are some that would teach based solely on theory. And then there are others that instruct from the hard lessons they have learned in the real world.

Whose works would you rather read? Who would you trust as your mentor?

And when it comes to influencing others, who would you rather be: the academic or the veteran?