Make Your Own Luck

Faith 10/25/2019

Monday night my wife was shopping for rain boots. She said she has always wanted a good pair but never remembers to buy them. It was supposed to rain all day on Tuesday, and she was dreading the idea of being out all day without a good pair of boots.

Her story reminded me of a similar ordeal I went through. Where we live, we usually get a good snow once or twice a year. For several years, I would remember that I need to get a snow shovel after it had already snowed. I would brood over this as I shoveled snow with my little transfer shovel. And then last year, I said enough is enough and ordered a new shovel. Sadly, it hasn’t snowed since. But that’s okay, I am now prepared for when it does.

Sometimes we see people as being lucky. They were in the right place at the right time or just prepared when the time was right. What we usually don’t see is what came before the luck. We fail to see the planning and the work involved to make things happen. We fail to see the lack of procrastination to get things done when they were supposed to get done. When it comes to our success in our personal and business lives, it is not luck that moves us forward. It is our preparation.

I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. –Oprah Winfrey