Dare Incrementally

Courage 11/21/2019

To build strength, you have to move heavy things.

To build endurance, you have to move a lot.

Neither strength nor endurance can be built overnight. You have to do the work over time. If you stop doing either one, you will lose it.

Courage is similar. Sure, there are some who can perform one great act of courage out of the blue, but they rarely survive it without paying an enormous price. To be courageous tomorrow, without ever doing anything courageous in the past, would be foolhardy. A more logical approach would be to build up to it. In time, your courage “muscle” will strengthen. You will be able to achieve feats you never imagined were possible.

Nothing will come from nothing. Dare for mighty things. –William Shakespeare

Dare today to move a little past your comfort zone. Be a little more daring each day and find yourself prepared when the moment arrives.

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